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GooglE GuidelineS : HtmL + CsS

We use style guides for a lot of languages, and our newest public style guide is the Google HTML and CSS Style Guide.

Our HTML and CSS Style Guide, just like other Google style guides, deals with a lot of formatting-related matters. It also hints at best practices so to encourage developers to go beyond indentation. Many style guide authors know the underlying motivation from the question whether to describe the code they write—or to prescribe what code they want to write. Not surprisingly then, in our HTML and CSS style guide you’ll find both (as much as you’ll still find a lot of different development styles in our not entirely small code base).

SeO _ SeO : quoi d’autre ?

– Indexation du site par Google.
– Audit d’optimisation du code HTML de vos pages (principales balises, URL, contenu éditorial, problèmes éventuels de Duplicate Content, liens, etc.).
– Analyse de vos backlinks et de la structure du site.
– Prise en compte de points spécifiques de votre site à votre demande.

EZ Publish : le cms norvégien

eZ Publish Enterprise is a web content management system engineered to create value through streamlined multichannel delivery. eZ’s intuitive and simple editing solution, innovative web engagement management tools, and advanced portals and collaboration facility work in harmony to create unparalleled ease of use and efficiency for our customers.

source: http://ez.no/