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Honey Moon : Next Color for the coming year ….

Honey Moon is Color Marketing Group’s “Next Color” for the coming year. Determined by CMG’s color professionals at the 2010 Fall International Conference this mustard gold is the grounded hue of optimism.
Frivolous is out. Upbeat and realistic is in. Inspirations come from hardworking honeybees, a move away from glitzier golds, toward a remembrance of things past. Honey Moon is patinated and reminiscent of warm worn leather.
Honey Moon offers a fresh face on yellow and blends the sensual stimulations of color and taste. Take the sweet earthiness of honey and combine it with the romance of a harvest moon to uncover this blended yellow.
Although Honey Moon will be predominant, we can see it playing out in combination with the colors of fantasy brights, whites, and comforting, subdued hues.
From interior home to exterior accents, from tabletop to fashion flourishes, Honey Moon has just begun.

Honey Moon, color

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source: http://kuler.adobe.com

Site d’Adobe permettant de créer ses propres gammes de couleurs. On peut aussi y browser les dernières créations enregistrées par des membres.

Très utiles pour créer des gammes lors de la créations de templates.